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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 | 22:19 | 0 Element(s)

Love in your heart 
Sitting silent by my side 
Going on , Holdings hand 
Walking Trought The Night 
Hold me up , Hold me Tight 
Leave me up to touch the Sky 
Teaching me to love with heart
helping me open my mind

Dia hilang lagi 
tinggal aku seorang disini 
aku perlu dia 
humm ,

Bopa lama lagi 
aku harus macam nie 
Sungkai | Kedah 
Tak macam kawan2 yang laen 
jeolous !

Sayunk ,
I tunggu You kat sini tau ,
I cintakan You sampai mati I 

Love You till My ends ,


i-Sefah is a part of beauty .

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